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MM Careline : +603 5630 1188
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MStrath® Elixir 250ml Oral Liquid

  • Made up of 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial colourings, sweeteners and external heat.
  • World proprietary patented technology – Plasmolysis Process
  • Contains more than 60 naturally occurring vital nutrients, proven to be an excellent immune modulator which promotes self-healing process.
  • 100%  manufacture, packaging and imported from Switzerland
  • Quality assurance – Manufacture in accordance with GMP and PIC guidelines
  • Efficacy of MStrath is proven by more than 37 clinical researches and scientific reports
  • MStrath is suitable for infant, children, adults, elderly, athletes, convalescent patients and pregnant mothers.
  • Safe and effective to be consumed.

Health Benefits of MStrath® :


  •         Support memory and concentration
  •         Assists mental development 
  •         Beneficial for children with ADD /ADHD  
Immune Supports

  •         Strengthen and support immune system 
  •       Counteract stress 
  •       Support normal growth and development 

  •          Helps to restore energy
  •          Promote overall vitality and well being 
  •       Support vitality during pregnancy
  •       Counteract stress 

  •          Assists recovery after or during illness
  •       Support recovery among athletes
  •       Improve appetite among convalescence patients

  •         Increase stamina during intensive study, work or sports
  •       Counteract fatigue

Dosage and directions of use:

Adults and children over 12 years old:

1 to 2 teaspoons, 3 times a day before or with meals or with fruit juice, in muesli, yogurt, etc.

Children below 12 years old:

2.5ml (half a teaspoonful) three times daily before meals undiluted or with water, milk or fruit juice.

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