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MM Careline : +603 5630 1188
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Strath® Dandelion Plus (Drops)

Strath® Dandelion Plus can be used for

  • Pain and irritation in the bladder and the urinary tract area with burning pain on urination.
  • A back-up measure in cases of cystitis
  • A back-up measure to prevent kidney and bladder stones

A natural remedy that helps

Strath® Dandelion Plus contains extracts of the medicinal plants bear berry (leaves) and dandelion (roots and leaves) which are combined with yeast constituents. Traditionally, dandelion root is said to have a diuretic effect and bear-berry leaves are thought to disinfect the urinary tract.


Adults20 drops, 3 to 5 times a day with plenty of  water  before meal

Children 6 years old and above:10 drops each.

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