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MM Careline : +603 5630 1188
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MM® Slimcious Smoothie

Slimcious Smoothie (SS) is nutritional-complete smoothie, composed mixture of Solae® soy protein, saffron extracts, vitamins and minerals. Solae® soy protein known as high quality plant protein which has highest possible PDCAAS score of 1.00 as recommended by FAO/WHO. It is beneficial to vegetarian, obese and those who enjoy workout exercises. 

Health Benefits

  •       Control ideal body weight  
  •       Control hunger and overeating  
  •       Curb snack and sugar cravings 
  •       Block carbohydrate and fat absorption 
  •       Increase metabolic rate 
  •       Maintain lean body mass 
  •       Rapid muscle recovery  


Preparation Method:

Replace lunch or dinner with SS. Mix 3 scoops (45g) with 300ml cold or room temperature water, shake well and drink. Drink additional glass of water for better results.

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