Privacy notice



As an independent distributor of MM NETWORK SDN. BHD., I understand and agree to the followings.

  1. I hereby apply for a MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. distributorship and I am of legal age (18).

  2. As long as I am a distributor of MM NETWORK SDN. BHD, I shall comply with all current MM   NETWORK SDN. BHD. business programmes, policies, procedures, regulations and requirements which may be amended from time to time by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.

  3. I shall file all earnings to the Malaysian Inland Revenue Department and pay all taxes from my activities as MM distributor.

  4. I understand that I am an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner of MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. And I am not authorized to act on behalf or bind MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. or any its affiliate, shareholders, officers, directors, employees or agents.

  5. I shall not use the MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. trade name, trademarks or service mark in any form of advertising without prior written consent by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.

  6. I shall not state to any prospective distributor that a specific network may be built, or a specific level of income may be earned from the MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. business programme.

  7. I shall not use any other sales aids or distribute any flyer other than those supplied by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. I shall not alter product contents or packaging without the written consent by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.

  8. I will describe MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. product honestly and completely. I will not make any false claims concerning any MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. products. I will further emphasize MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. commitment to quality control.

  9. I will encourage other MM NETWORK SDN.BHD. distributor to abide by their contracts with MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. and will not encourage other distributor to make unnecessary products purchases that will result in large holding inventory.

  10. I will strictly abide and follow by the suggested Products Retail Pricing of MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.

  11. I hereby agree that all materials arising out of my participation in the activities organised by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD., including but not limited to photographs, audio/visual recordings, etc shall belong to the company and I shall have no claim whatsoever to its usage by MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.

  12. I understand and agree that MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. may take appropriate action on my distributorship at any time in breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or engaged in any conduct which may bring disrepute upon MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. or which is in violation of any government laws, regulation or ordinance, or any MM NETWORK SDN. BHD.’s policies or procedures.

  13. MM NETWORK SDN. BHD. reserves the absolute right to amend or make changes to all rules and regulations, copyright without any prior notice.